Do I need a blog for my business?

It seems that every business has a blog attached to its website. Often these can have many uploads in the beginning, and then it slowly stops. So, is maintaining a blog worth it? After all, it may seem as though you are putting your energy into something that serves no long term purpose! Quite simply, yes, you should have a blog. Here are four reasons you should have a blog for your business.

Direct traffic to your site

Blog posts have fantastic longevity if you create them right! Using keywords, clear text, and headings will help boost your blog post in search engines. As long as it is on your website, your blog post has the potential to drive traffic to your site.

Establish credibility

Writing blog posts written on a topic you know inside out, such as something related to your business, builds credibility for anyone visiting your website. Not every post needs to (nor should) be in place to sell something. If you have some knowledge that could help others, creating a blog post will ensure people revisit your website for genuine help. Additionally, regular uploads show that you are still active in your services.

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Social media help

A blog post provides a great deal of potential across all your social media, from Instagram to Pinterest, you can shout about your posts everywhere. Providing you with multiple avenues to drive traffic to your website while helping you fill your content calendar. Sharing blog posts on your different social media accounts also offers more content for you to gain followers and interaction.

Create buzz for an upcoming service or product

Whilst you should write a range of blog posts, it does provide the perfect place to create buzz for any upcoming service or product you have. Alternatively, use your blogging platform to answer any questions people often have about your services or products. If these are mixed well with other post types, your followers will not think you are constantly trying to sell to them.

I strongly recommend trying your hand at writing some blog posts today! If you find you need any help, please feel free to reach out to see how I can help.

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