Finding your blogging niche

You want to start a blog? Congrats! If you approach it correctly, you can guarantee that you will not only enjoy it, but can find your people along the way. Working out your niche can help you build for success. I have put together six reasons why finding your niche is worth prioritising.

Finding your passion

The first place to start when deciding on a blogging niche is to work out where your passions lie. It may sound obvious, but it will be hard to maintain regular posts on a topic that doesn’t hold your interest. Pick something you love and niche it down as much as you want! You can be as narrow or broad as you want in your niche, as long as the topic drives you forward.

Find your audience

Consistently writing about one niche topic will ensure you build an audience of those interested in what you have to say. Depending on your topic, you may or may not build an audience quickly, however sticking to a niche will mean your audience is loyal once found! Use your blog’s comments and analytics to determine what your audience enjoys, and build on this throughout your blogging career.

Consistency is key

Once you have started to build your audience, keep going with your blog posts! Consider how you work best and plan accordingly. If you pride yourself on highly edited or researched posts, creating one a week/month may be more manageable. Alternatively, you may find your preference lies with baulk writing your posts and scheduling them ahead of time.

finding your blogging niche_top

Be social

Take advantage of our social world and let your social media accounts complement your blog. Many social accounts will allow you to use hashtags to build a network, an audience, or even to find questions in your niche that people need answers to. It can be the quickest way to collect advice and inspiration or even brainstorm your future blog posts!

Become an expert

By avoiding a broad range of topics, you can become an expert in your niche. People will soon know your name and come to expect quality posts, with honesty at their core. Knowing what content someone will provide helps to build a level of trust between you and your audience.

Be fluid

Whilst it may sound at odds with the rest of this blog post, try not to be too rigid in your chosen niche. With people’s interests cycling quite fast, it might be that you find your interests start to lie elsewhere. If this happens, do not force yourself to continue writing about something you no longer have passion for. Be honest with your audience, and you may find they react warmly to a slow change of topic. Additionally, trends come and go, finding a way to work your niche into the style of a new trend can work wonders for reaching new people!

Above all, remember that there is nothing set in stone when it comes to blog writing. Running a blog can be equally fun and stressful, by choosing a topic you enjoy, you can ensure you have more happy days! You may find yourself looking forward to writing and sharing posts, allowing you to interact with your followers.

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