Top 3 places to get images for your blog posts

Blog Posts without images do not capture a readers attention. They work fantastically at drawing the readers eye and break up large portions of text, making it easier to read. You may not have an opportunity to take relevant images yourself, so how do you finish your post? Luckily, multiple excellent sites provide royalty-free images for you to use (make sure to check if you need to credit the photographer or not). The following three are websites that I have often used for my blog posts.


Pixabay offers a great collection of copyright-free images, videos and music. If the adverts are bothering you, simply upload 10 of your own images for others to use!

Where to get blog images _ Pixabay


Unsplash has over two million high-resolution images for you to use, including some fabulous textured backgrounds.

Where to get blog images _ Unsplash


Pexels allows you to create collections of images you love, meaning you can have a stock of stunning images and videos ready to go.

Where to get blog images _

Do not forget that the naming of your images can help with your SEO!
If you regularly use a website offering royalty-free images, I strongly recommend tipping when you can.

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